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Sensory Well-being Space

RE:Imaging how we meet, connect and thrive

Delivering a tailormade sensory well-being space and journey for + 700 international participants

Our outset was to re: imagine how we meet, connect, learn, and thrive at conferences, events and meeting spaces as we know that even inspiring meetings and conferences can make us feel overwhelmed – which has been more prominent after the lockdown. 

We knew that participants would arrive at the event with different energies; some were wired, some would be late or panicking about taking time off to take part, others would be exhausted, and others would have a feeling of readiness. We wanted to embrace all energies of the participants by providing tailor-made well-being initiatives complementing the programme.

Our purpose was for participants to get a more fulfilling experience in order to get the most out of attending the event. We wanted them to leave more energized, full of valuable inspiration ready to be processed and implemented back home at the office.

We delivered a tailormade well-being Journey including a sensory-designed Pause Zone - a breathing space inspired by the four seasons, sparking the five senses. 

Collaborating partners

Ja Studio, Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen, Jacob Wagner Studio,, Wild Studio CPH, Mariano Alexandro, Yogamood, Ariake Collection. Birgitte Bisgaard Design, DUG Galleri. 

Have a video tour around the four seasons of the Pause Zone. Experience for yourself how the participants embrace, and connect with the space. How fulfilling it is for them to have a designated space where they can take a break from the hectic conference programme. 

Remember to turn on the sound.


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Gitte Just

CEO og Founder